Paper on the Walls

Before we moved into this house I fell in love with some artwork by an artist named Rodney White. I saw a 2’x4′ print on canvas that I saw at World Market and I think what I really loved was the saying… and the colors. Here is a copy of the image (its much more beautiful and impressive in full size and on canvas):

It says, “How great would life be if we lived a little of it each day?” So true, so true… this philosophy is one of the reasons I love The Manchild so much. He embodies it and helps keep our lives exciting and adventurous and meaningful.

When my freshly painted wall was screaming for art, I thought I would put this painting up there… but when I took another look at it and showed it too my mom, we both agreed that it doesn’t exactly flow with the other things I have done in my house since we moved in- in neither the kitchen or dining room. So, I looked elsewhere for other ideas and found some inspiration at my favorite D-I-Y decorating website.
See this here: Thrifty Decor Chick.

Sarah at Thrify Decor Chick took her inspiration from Ballard Designs, as she shows on her website:

It was Mom’s idea to do as Ballard Designs does and place one square on the mantle… but to put a family picture there as well… so cute! Here was step 1:

But I didn’t want to fill the wall with JUST color and pretty paper… I wanted the space above the fireplace- a focal point in our home- to mean something. I was still hung up on the Rodney White saying, so I put my cricut cutter to work (for the first time in a long time) and added the saying to my art! Yay!

Then, for another first in this new house I felt free to decorate and embellish– to unpack some of the good stuff I still had in boxes and put them on display. It felt so good to be creative again!

Here’s the after effect:
And since this is real life, I left the ladder in the photos, since thats just where it wanted to be. And also, I’ll show you what was going on while I took these photos… Big Bro was setting up a gymnastics pad to do some trick and Big Sis was walking on her daddy’s back for him. For some reason, now that this room is painted and decorated, we all want to be in there! We love it!
Maybe when you come over we’ll even feed you mediocre cookies and milk like we did when my Grandma and Grandpa and my Uncle Nathan and Aunt Miriam and their 6 adorable and fun kids came over last night. It is so nice to have family nearby these days and our kids get along so well! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandparents and am so glad to see them this week while they are here on vacation! I owe a lot of my do-it-yourself attitude and ambition with power tools and carpentry to these grandparents. We have so much in common!
Happy dog days of summer!


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