Seeing Things in a Whole New Light

Not much to say here except that Manchild and I put in all new lighting in the entryway, hallway, kitchen, and dining room and it has made a HUGE difference in the look of the rooms. Really, the finishing touches on the improvements we’ve made…

Here are the befores:Manchild protested to removing this old, bad brass fixture by the front door. He LIKED it… a LOT, apparently. I would not discuss the matter… it HAD to go!
This one died a few weeks ago when i went to change the bulbs and the glass shade shattered… good riddance!This Tiffany’s style chandelier was beautiful in its day, but I don’t like it. If you like it, come and get it!! I am going to drop it off at a thrift store some day soon!

Here are our new lights:

I really like the pendant lamp that hangs over the kitchen sink, even though it doesn’t come across very well in pictures. I got it for $1.38 at Lowes… after returning it for what I originally paid for it ($12.48) on clearance, and then changing my mind and going back to the service desk and asking if I could repurchase it. When it rang up at the checkout it came up as $1.38. Love that!!!!!
Perhaps the greatest part of the whole deal is that I paid for all these lights by selling some things we had lying around here… all on craigslist. All the lights cost only $120 total. So, so worth it!


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