Friends, Family, Blog Lurkers, Late-night blog addicts…

I have been blogging for a long while… but under my REAL NAME which shall heretofore remain secret! I’ve decided to launch a new blog entirely devoted to whatever the heck I want to write about Homemaking and DIY Home Design.

Here is it… The address at least. And some rough posts that I’ve dragged over from the family blog…

BUT DON’T BE TOO DISAPPOINTED! “Seriously… A Homemake”r isn’t ready for your viewing pleasure yet!! Its nakie, for now!

A whole new blog design is ON ITS WAY, compliments of Caroline B. Designs. She’s awesome, she knows she’s awesome, and she is sharing her awesomeness via blog design with me and all of you (all while juggling a hecka amount of other swanky gigs (4 kids, blog, blog community, blog conference, etc…) I can’t wait to get the final product from her (would be faster if I made up my mind about what I want!!!) and officially launch my new website!!

For now, I am just playing around with content, sidebars, my first sponsors, what to write in the “about page”, etc, etc,…

Love ya for stopping by! COME BACK SOON to see the new look and LOTS of “keepin’ it real” tips on how to make your home beautiful and clean enough to be HEALTHY and messy enough to be HAPPY! Or maybe its the other way around…


3 thoughts on “A WHOLE NEW LOOK IS ON ITS WAY!!!

  1. Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you will try out the subway tile sometime, you'll love it. Good luck with your new blog, please come back & see me again.

  2. MomBabe says:

    I'm sorry it's taking so long! I'm working on it tonight. I have a hot date with my computer. 😉

  3. Good luck with the new blog. I just started one and I find it is hard to give it the time I would like to.

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